Coordinating, informing, and mobilising civil society action toward the 2018 SALW meetings

Implementing agency: International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)

Project timeframe: 01/01/2017 – 31/12/2017

Target countries: West Africa, Southern Africa, East Africa, Central Africa, North America, Central America, Caribbean, South America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Pacific, East Asia, Middle East, Western Europe, Central Europe, South-eastern Europe

Goal: Mobilise civil society organisations across the world to engage constructively with their governments, parliaments and media. Furthermore, raise awareness of key issues that would strengthen the UN PoA on SALW in the lead-up to the 2018 Review Conference.

Activities: Maintain momentum in the SALW process from BMS6 to t2018, and ensure strong and productive participation of civil society before and during the 2018 PrepCom and RevCon. Generate public and media awareness to persuade States to make specific proposals in the SALW process and developing constructive proposals on five key issues: a) illicit trade in ammunition; b) links between SALW reduction, SDG 16.4 and development; c) gender-based action to curb SALW; d) measures to address pervasive SALW violence in crime as well as conflict settings; e) synergies in implementing the PoA and the ATT.