Biological Weapons Convention – Review Conference

Side events

Side Events

Monday 10 August 2015

13.00- 15.00

Organised by: Switzerland with contributions from the National Academy of Sciences, the Royal Society, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, BioSecure and the Research Group for Biological Arms Control

Tuesday 11 August 2015

  • Platform Technologies and Opportunities for Combatting Infectious Disease: A Discussion With Companies (Room No XXII)

Organised by: Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)

13.00- 15.00:
  • Global Health Security Agenda (Room No XXII)

Organised by: Finland

Presentation on Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) by Simo Nikkari
Presentation on GHSA Action Packages and Pilot Country Assessments by Simo Nikkari
Presentation on Experience with GHSA Self and External Assessments by Melissa Dahlke
Presentation on Kenya Denmark Biosecurity Partnership by Hellen Kabiru and Mia Kjems Drægert
Presentation on Strengthening Health and Biosecurity in Tanzania by Biodetection Capacity Building by Furaha Mramba and Anna Katz

Organised by: The Netherlands and the UK

Presentation on Enhancing Biosecurity Education: BioSecurity Textbook by Tatyana Novossiolova
Presentation on Gain-of-Function Debate A disputed Testcase for Biosecurity policy by Koos van der Bruggen
Presentation on Biosecurity in Denmark by Morten Madsen
Presentation on Biosecurity Policy and Practice: Contributions from Scientific Organizations by Jo L. Husbands

  • Strengthening the BWC and improving its implementation: resuming negotiations in that regard in 2017 (Room No XXIII)

Proposal by the Russian Federation for inclusion in the report of the Eighth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention

Organised by: Russian Federation

Wednesday 12 August 2015

09.00- 10.00:
  • Use of Microbial Forensics in Attribution Decision Making (The Science-Policy Interface)
(Room XXII)

Organised by: Federation of American Scientists (FAS)

Presentation on Science Supporting Attribution in the BWC Context by Dr. Randall S. Murch
Presentation on Attribution Use of Microbial Forensics in Cases Involving Illicit Programs an/ or Use by Christopher A Bidwell and Dr Randall S. Murch

13.00- 15.00:

Organised by: The USA and the Netherlands

Presentation on National Measures to Address Dual Use Research in the United States by Susan Coller Monarez

Organised by: UNIDIR and France

Presentation on The Secretary-General’s Mechanism for Investigation of Alleged Use of Chemical, Biological or Toxin Weapons by Nikita Smidovich
Presentation on UNSGM Training Course in France 7-19 June 2015 by Col Nicholas Coussière
Presentation on Towards a UNSGM Biological Analysis Network by Anna- Lena Johansson
Presentation on UNSGMN Designated Laboratories by Dr Cédric Invernizzi

Thursday 13 August 2015


Organised by: The Netherlands

The movie on Biosecurity shown during the side event is available here

Presentation on The Dutch bottom-up approach in raising biosecurity awareness: how to reach professionals, students and amateurs? by Rik Bleijs
Presentation on Raising biosecurity awareness among professionals by SaskiaRutjes
Presentation on Synthetic biology and biosecurity awareness by Cecile van der Vlugt
Presentation on Biosecurity self-assessment toolkit and vulnerability assay by Harold van der Berg

  • Global Health Security Agenda- Action Package Meeting: Multisectoral Rapid Response on MERS Outbreak in Korea. (Room - XXIII)

Organised by : Republic of Korea

Presentation on Multisectoral Rapid Response Action Package by Dr. Chaeshin Chu
Presentation on Epidemiological characteristics and multi-sectoral countermeasures of MERS-CoV Outbreak in Korea by Dr. Chaeshin Chu

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7 August 2015
Biological Weapons Convention Meeting of Experts to Convene in Geneva from 10 to 14 August 2015

17 August 2015
Biological Weapons Convention Expert Meeting Concludes