Conference on Disarmament

Member States

As originally constituted, the CD had 40 members. It was subsequently expanded several times and now counts 65 Members.

As per the Rules of Procedure, the CD invites on an annual basis other UN Member States that are not presently members of the Conference to take part in its work.

The current membership is as follows:

Algeria Kenya
Argentina Malaysia
Australia Mexico
Austria Mongolia
Bangladesh Morocco
Belarus Myanmar
Belgium Netherlands
Brazil New Zealand
Bulgaria Nigeria
Cameroon Norway
Canada Pakistan
Chile Peru
China Poland
Colombia Republic of Korea
Cuba Romania
Democratic People's
Republic of Korea
Russian Federation
Democratic Republic of the Congo Senegal
Ecuador Slovakia
Egypt South Africa
Ethiopia Spain
Finland Sri Lanka
France Sweden
Germany Switzerland
Hungary Syrian Arab Republic
India Tunisia
Indonesia Turkey
Iran, Islamic Republic of Ukraine
Iraq United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Ireland United States of America
Israel Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
Italy Viet Nam
Japan Zimbabwe
The CD has invited other UN Member States that have expressed a desire to participate in the CD's substantive discussions, to take part in its work as non-Member State.