Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons – Protocol V Meeting of Experts


Preparations for the 2012 Meeting of Experts:

Programme of Work

Letter from Brigadier General Mario Amadei on Generic Preventive Measures. The session on generic preventive measures will focus on the safety and security of ammunition storage facilities.

Letter from Colonel Gerfried Elias on clearance of explosive remnants of war and Article 4. The session on clearance and Article 4 will focus on ways and methods for improving the efficiency of clearance operations, how States are coordinating their clearance operations and the implementation of Article 4.

Letter from Mr. Yevgen Lisuchenko on cooperation and assistance. The session on cooperation and assistance will focus on cooperation between developing and affected countries.

Letter from Mr. Amandeep Singh Gill on national reporting. The session on national reporting will focus on encouraging and assisting High Contracting Parties to submit national reports, continuing to examine the reporting forms and the Guide to National Reporting, and assessing the utility of the Guide to National Reporting.

Letter from Ms. Caroline Wörgötter and Ms. Danijela Žunec Brandt on victim assistance. The session on victim assistance will address changing the reporting requirements on victim assistance (attached is the proposed template). Also, there will be a focused discussion on how different stakeholders are working to assess the needs of victims and to ensure that assistance actually matches the needs of victims.

Attached here is the latest version of the proposed template for national reporting on victim assistance.