Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons – Protocol V Meeting of Experts


Update on Protocol V National Annual Reporting

President-designate Ambassador Jan Knutsson wrote to all delegations informing them that the Protocol V national annual reporting form has been revised to include the new section on victim assistance. A copy of the letter can be found here.

Preparations for the Protocol V Meeting of Experts in 2013

The Programme of Work for the Meeting of Experts was available in English and French.

Set out below are the letters of each of the Coordinators on their preparations for the Meeting of Experts:

Letter on Clearance and Article 4 from Mr. Ivan Grinevich

Food-for-thought paper on existing explosive remnants of war from Mr. Ivan Grinevich

Letter on Article 4 and alliances and coalitions from Colonel Gerfried Elias

Letter on Cooperation and Assistance from Mr. Yevgen Lisuchenko

Letter on Generic Preventive Measures from Brigadier General Mario Amadei

Letter on National Reporting from Major Aviateur Lode Dewaegheneire

Paper on National Reporting

Letter on Victim Assistance from Mr. Fernando Guzman and Ms. Caroline Woergoetter