Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons – Group of Governmental Experts



CCW/GGE.1/2019/3 - Report of the 2019 session of the Group of Governmental Experts on emerging technologies in the area of lethal autonomous weapons systems

CCW/GGE.1/2019/3/Corr.1 - Corrigendum

CCW/GGE.1/2019/1 - Provisional agenda submitted by the Chairperson

Chairperson's letter on the Provisional Agenda

CCW/GGE.1/2019/2 - Provisional Programme of Work submitted by the Chairperson

Chairperson's letter on the Provisional Programme of Work

List of Participants

Agenda, as adopted

Programme of work, as adopted

CCW/GGE.1/2019/3/Add.1 - Chair's summary

Working Papers

Working Papers for the first meeting of the GGE on LAWS (25 - 29 March 2019)

CCW/GGE.1/2019/WP.1 - Potential opportunities and limitations of military uses of lethal autonomous weapons systems. Submitted by the Russian Federation. (Courtesy translation in English on page 4)

CCW/GGE.1/2019/WP.2 - Australia's System of Control and Applications for Autonomous Weapon Systems. Submitted by Australia. The Working Paper is submitted alongside Australia's 2018 Working Paper.

CCW/GGE.1/2019/WP.3 - Possible outcome of 2019 GGE and future actions of international community on LAWS. Submitted by Japan

CCW/GGE.1/2019/WP.4 - Food for Thought Paper. Submitted by Belgium, Ireland and Luxembourg - Advance version

CCW/GGE.1/2019/WP.5 - Implementing International Humanitarian Law in the Use of Autonomy in Weapon Systems. Submitted by the United States (Advance version)

CCW/GGE.1/2019/WP.6 - Questionnaire on the Legal Review Mechanisms of New Weapons, Means and Methods of Warfare. Submitted by Argentina

Working Papers for the second meeting of the GGE on LAWS (20 - 21 August 2019)

CCW/GGE.1/2019/WP.7 - Autonomy, artificial intelligence and robotics: Technical aspects of human control. Submitted by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)