Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons -Group of Governmental Experts


Information for High Contracting Parties, observer States, intergovernmental organizations and non-
governmental organizations - CCW/MSP/2017/INF.1

The following documents have been submitted by the Chairperson to assist delegations with their preparations for the GGE:

CCW/GGE:1/2017/1/Rev.1 - Provisional Agenda

CCW/GGE.1/2017/2 - Provisional Programme of Work

Side Events - see the schedule of side events

Programme of Work with experts presenters

CCW/GGE.1/2017/INF.1 - List of participants

CCW/GGE.1/2017/CRP.1 - Report of the 2017 Group of Governmental Experts on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS) (Advanced Version)

Working papers

CCW/GGE.1/2017/WP.1 - Food-for-thought paper submitted by the Chairperson

CCW/GGE.1/2017/WP.2 - Netherlands -Please find courtesy translations in French and Spanish

CCW/GGE.1/2017/WP.3 - Belgium

CCW/GGE.1/2017/WP.4 - Germany and France

CCW/GGE.1/2017/WP.5 - Netherlands and Switzerland

CCW/GGE.1/2017/WP.6 - United States of America

CCW/GGE.1/2017/WP.7 - United States of America

CCW/GGE.1/2017/WP.8 - Russian Federation and version in Russian

CCW/GGE.1/2017/WP.9 - Switzerland

CCW/GGE.1/2017/WP.10 - Non-Aligned Movement and Other States Parties to the CCW