Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons -Group of Governmental Experts


The 2007 session of the GGE took place from 19 to 22 June 2007 at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, and was chaired by Ambassador Jānis Kārkliņš of Latvia. The work of the Group is reflected in its Procedural report, as follows:




The following documents of the 2007 session of the CCW Group of Governmental Experts were also available:

Provisional Agenda
(Doc. CCW/GGE/2007/1)


Provisional Programme of Work
(Doc. CCW/GGE/2007/2)


Draft CCW Protocol on Cluster Munitions
(Doc. CCW/GGE/2007/WP.1)


Benchmarks for Alternative Munitions to Cluster Munitions
"Sensor Fused Area Munitions" (SEFAM)
Additional explanatory information to the draft CCW Protocol on Cluster Munitions
(Doc. CCW/GGE/2007/WP.1/Add.1)


Cluster Munitions
(Doc. CCW/GGE/2007/WP.2)


Draft CCW Negotiating Mandate on Cluster Munitions
(Doc. CCW/GGE/2007/WP.3)


Excerpts from the Report of the Expert Meeting on the Humanitarian, Military, Technical and Legal Challenges of Cluster Munitions, held in Montreux, Switzerland, 18 to 20 April 2007
(Doc. CCW/GGE/2007/WP.4/Excerpts)


Overview of Existing and Proposed Definitions
(Doc. CCW/GGE/2007/WP.5)


Position Paper on Cluster Munitions
(Doc. CCW/GGE/2007/WP.6)


Treaty Principles
(Doc. CCW/GGE/2007/WP.7)


Observations on the Legal Issues Related to the Use of Cluster Munitions
(Doc. CCW/GGE/2007/WP.8)


A Possible Definition of a Cluster Munition and a Submunition – Draft Proposals
(Doc. CCW/GGE/2007/WP.9)


Legal Aspects of Cluster Munitions - A Possible Framework for IHL Implementation – Draft Proposals
(Doc. CCW/GGE/2007/WP.10)