Biological Weapons Convention – Review Conference

Side events

Side Events

Provisional Summary Sheet of Sides Events -- last updated 09/11/2016

Monday 7 November:

Germany: The Wiesbaden Process - Enhancing the Role of Industry in Combatting the Proliferation of WMD -- 13.00-15.00 Room XXIV

Disarmament Dynamics: Civil Society Briefing: Understanding the BWC Eighth Review Conference -- 13.00 -15.00 Room XXV

Tuesday 8 November:

Germany: Confidence in Compliance - Peer Review Visits as a Useful Tool for Increased Transparency -- 13.00-15.00 Room XXIV

King's College London, UK Ministry of Defence and UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office: Film Screening of "Inside Porton Down" -- 18.00-20.00 Room XXIV

Wednesday 9 November:

UPMC Center for Health Security: Safety and Security of Synthetic Biology -- 9.00-10.00 Room XXV

Hamburg Research Group for Biological Weapons Arms Control: Open Source Information for Transparency Building - Launch of an Online Information Tool -- 9.00-10.00 Room XXIV

International Office for Innovation in Reducing Crime (IOIRC): The OPBW- Is it Time? -- 13.00-15.00 Room XXI

Russian Federation: Operationalizing mobile biomedical units to deliver protection against biological weapons, investigate their alleged use and contribute to the suppression of epidemics of various origin: Presentation of draft decision -- 13.00-15.00 Room XXIV

King’s College London, University College London, Sussex University and Switzerland: "Book launch of ‘Biological Threats in the 21st Century-- 13.00-15.00 Room XXV

Thursday 10 November:

Switzerland: Update on Two Workshops at Spiez Laboratory: Building a Network of Analytical Biological Laboratories and Examining Science and Technological Developments in the Area of the Convergence of Biology and Chemistry -- 9.00-10.00 Room XXIV

Canada: Global Health Security Agenda Biosafety and Biosecurity Action Package: Lessons learned and next steps for the implementation of the Action Package -- 9.00-10.00 Room XXV

UNICRI: Identifying Needs and Providing Tailored Solutions: The Experience of the National CBRN Action Plan -- 13.00-15.00 Room XXI

GCSP, GET, VERTIC and UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Addressing the Biosecurity Governance Challenges Posed by the Ebola Epidemic -- 13.00-15.00 Room XXIV

OPCW: Science Advice at the OPCW -- 13.00-15.00 Room XXV

Friday 11 November:

WHO and USA: The New Health Emergencies Program and Emergency Medical Teams Initiative -- 9.00-10.00 Room XXIV

EU: EU Council Decision 2016/51/CFSP in Support of the BWC Implemented by UNODA: State of Play -- 13.00-15.00 Room XXIV

Monday 14 November:

UNIDIR, Fondation pour la Recherche Strategique and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France: Implementing Article VII of the BWC: Challenges and Opportunities. Lessons Learned from a Tabletop Exercise (TTX) on the Implementation of Article VII of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC) -- 13.00-15.00 Room XXV

Tuesday 15 November:

EBRF and Denmark: Immaterial Technology with Dual-Use Potential -- 13.00-15.00 Room XXIV

UNICRI and FBI: Understanding and Mitigating Emerging and Future Risks in the Life Sciences: The International Network on Biotechnology -- 13.00-15.00 Room XXV

US National Academy of Sciences: Science Advising Relevant to the BWC: Initiatives from the InterAcademy Partnership and its Members -- 13.00- 15.00 Room XI

Tuesday 22 November:

VERTIC: BWC Implementing Legislation Analysis and Online Legislative Assistance Tool -- 13.00-15.00 Room XXIV