Biological Weapons Convention – Review Conference


Statements to the Sixth Review Conference
UN Under-Secretary-General Tanaka (20 November)

Amb. Khan, President of the Sixth Review Conference (20 November)

UN Secretary-General Annan (20 November)

Finland on behalf of the European Union (20 November)

Group of Non-Aligned Movement and Other States (20 November)

Group of Latin American States [unofficial, English] [Spanish] (20 November)

JACKSNNZ (20 November)

United States of America (20 November)

Germany (20 November)

Indonesia (20 November)

Switzerland (20 November)

Japan (20 November)

Malaysia (20 November)

Australia (20 November)

United Kingdom (20 November)

Russian Federation (20 November)

Republic of Korea (20 November)

Algeria [In French] (20 November)

Canada (20 November)

Iran (Islamic Republic of) (20 November)

South Africa (20 November)

China (20 November)

Argentina [unofficial, English] [Spanish] (20 November)

Pakistan (20 November)

Norway (20 November)

Holy See [unofficial, English] [French] (20 November)

India (20 November)

Brazil (20 November)

Libya [unofficial, English] [Arabic] (20 November)

Peru [unofficial, English] [Spanish] (20 November)

Serbia (20 November)

Georgia (20 November)

Ukraine (20 November)

Chile [unofficial, English] [Spanish] (20 November)

Nigeria (21 November)

New Zealand (21 November)

France [in French] (21 November)

Venezuela [in Spanish] (21 November)

Morocco (21 November)

Qatar [in Arabic] (21 November)

Bangladesh (21 November)

Thailand (21 November)

Mexico [in Spanish] (21 November)

Egypt (21 November)

Food and Agriculture Organization (21 November)

International Committee of the Red Cross (21 November)

International Criminal Police Organization (Adrian Baciu on behalf of Secretary-General Noble) (21 November)

Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (21 November)

World Health Organization (21 November)

World Organization for Animal Health (21 November)

President's Closing Remarks (21 November)

Finland on behalf of the EU (21 November)