Biological Weapons Convention – Ad Hoc Group

Side events

Side Events


Monday 9 December

13.00-15.00 Developments in science and technology (Room XXIV)


Tuesday 10 December

09.00-10.00 Education and outreach (Room XXIV)

  • Jo Husbands, US National Academies and OPCW Scientific Advisory Board temporary working group on education and outreach, providing an update of relevant activities
  • Brian Rappert, University of Exeter, launching a new book
  • Tatyana Novossiolova, LNCV, on ethics education for neuroscientists
  • Polish Academy of Sciences and IAP: Global Network of Science Academies, on the results of 6 December discussions to update the 2009 workshop.

13.00-15.00 EU NRBC Action Plan: How the exchange of good practices can improve the surveillance of high risk pathogens – France (Room XXIV)

Wednesday 11 December

09.00-10.00 The Biosecurity Sub-working Group of the Global Partnership against the spread of materials and weapons of mass destruction – United Kingdom (Room XXIV)

13:00-15.00 Improving Biosecurity - Assessment of Dual Use Research - Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (Room XXV).

13.00-15.00 United Nations Secretary-General's mechanism for investigation of alleged use of biological weapons – Denmark, France and Germany (Room XXIV)

Thursday 12 December

09.00-10.00 Monitoring compliance relevant data - Launch of the Hamburg Research Group's trade monitoring website – Research Group for Biological Arms Control (Room XXIV)