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The United Nations Disarmament Fellowship Programme is the result of one of the most successful decisions by the First Special Session of the General Assembly devoted to Disarmament. Initiated by Nigeria in order to promote expertise in disarmament in more Member States, particularly in the developing countries, the 40-year old programme has developed into a true institution in the field of disarmament education and capacity-building. To date, it has successfully trained over 1,000 Disarmament Fellows from 170 States, many of whom now hold national or international positions of responsibility in the field of disarmament. Balancing in-depth knowledge with practical experience, the comprehensive 10-week-long annual programme provides the Fellows with the unique opportunity to discuss achievements and challenges in the field of disarmament and arms control with hibakusha, senior diplomats and officials, as well as representatives of academia, think tanks and non-governmental organizations. Fellows also make visits to weapons destruction sites, a nuclear reactor, a nuclear test field and laboratories, and they participate in simulations and other practical exercises. In this publication, Disarmament Fellows representing several generations share their thoughts and feelings about how this programme shaped their professional development, as well as insights on how the disarmament field has changed over time. Their experiences also elucidate the distinct role that the very special community of former Disarmament Fellows still plays today.

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