Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons – Protocol V

The Ninth Conference of High Contracting Parties to Protocol V took place from 9 to 10 November 2015. The President of the Ninth Conference was Ambassador M. Shameem Ahsan of Bangladesh. Final Version Report: CCW Protocol V Ninth Conference The Coordinators were:
  • Article 3 on clearance, removal or destruction of explosive remnants of war and Article 4 on recording, retaining and transmission of information - Ms. Diana Kazina of Latvia
  • Cooperation and Assistance - Bangladesh
  • Generic Preventive Measures - Colonel Jim Burke of Ireland
  • National Reporting - Major Aviateur Lode Dewaegheneire of Belgium
  • Victim Assistance - Mr. Julio Mercado of Argentina and Friend of the Coordinator, Mr. Fernando Guzman of Chile