Biological Weapons Convention – Meeting of States Parties


The 2008 Meeting of States Parties was held in the Palais des Nations from 1 to 5 December 2008. It was chaired by Ambassador Georgi Avramchev of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. In accordance with the decision of the Sixth Review Conference, the Meeting of States Parties considered the work of the Meeting of Experts to discuss, and promote common understanding and effective action on:

1. National, regional and international measures to improve biosafety and biosecurity, including laboratory safety and security of pathogens and toxins.

2. Oversight, education, awareness raising, and adoption and/or development of codes of conduct with the aim of preventing misuse in the context of advances in bio-science and bio-technology research with the potential of use for purposes prohibited by the Convention.

Report of the Meeting

The report of the Meeting of States Parties was adopted on Friday 5 December 2008 by consensus:

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