Sponsorship Programme

Since the commencement of the current CCW process established by the Second Review Conference in 2001, some States Parties as well as States not parties to the Convention had voiced concerns that many developing countries have not been regularly participating in the CCW meetings in Geneva, as attendance is financially burdensome for States with limited resources. Hence, the establishment of a Sponsorship Programme was seen as a possible solution to ensure widespread participation in the work of the Convention and its annexed Protocols and to promote the universality of the Convention and its Protocols.

The initiative to establish a Sponsorship Programme under CCW was developed in 2005-2006 and led to the adoption by the Third Review Conference, on 15 November 2006, of the Decision on the Establishment of a Sponsorship Programme Within the Framework of the Convention and the Agreed Guidelines for the CCW Sponsorship Programme administration.

The States parties to the Convention identified the following basic goals of the Sponsorship Programme: (i) to strengthen the implementation of the Convention and its annexed Protocols; (ii) to promote universal observance of the norms and principles enshrined in the Convention and its annexed Protocols; (iii) to support the universalization of the Convention and its annexed Protocols; and (iv) to enhance the cooperation, the exchange of information and the consultations among the States Parties on issues related to the Convention and its annexed Protocols.

The Sponsorship Programme is intended to support the participation of the representatives of States Parties, especially fom ERW-affected and mine-affected countries that have limited resources, to participate in the CCW-related activities. Priority, in this case, is accorded to States , which, according to the United Nations, are the least developed countries.

Another purpose is to provide Signatory States and States not yet parties to the Convention and its Protocols with an opportunity to participate in the CCW-related activities and to become acquainted with the work related to the Convention. In the case of these States the Third Review Conference decided that preference should be given to States which, according to the United Nations, are the least developed countries; States which are on the path towards accession to the Convention and its annexed Protocols; and States which are engaged in activities related to their own implementation of the Convention and its Protocols.

The Sponsorship Programme under CCW is not limited to organizing and managing accommodation and travel expenses for official representatives receiving financial support. A further purpose is to support the attendance of appropriate qualified experts with field experience or of scholars, to prepare studies and/or presentations on certain topics of interest at relevant meetings or seminars.
Finally, the Programme’s purpose is also to provide any other related forms of assistance that might be deemed appropriate by the States Parties.
The Sponsorship Programme is financed by voluntary contributions only. It is managed in an informal, flexible and transparent way by a Steering Committee, which sets the operational modality and ensures the guidance of the day-to-day implementation of the Sponsorship Programme. The Coordinator of the Steering Committee is Ms. Markéta Homolková of the Czech Republic.
The technical management of the Programme is conducted by the Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD).

The Sponsorship Programme is now operational. For more information, please mail to s.rihs-aeby@gichd.org , or ccw@unog.ch, or fax to : %2B41 (0) 22 730 93 62, or %2B41 (0) 22 917 00 54.
Contributions to the CCW Sponsorship Programme should be transferred to the bank account of the GICHD.

The details are:

o Owner of the bank account: Centre international de déminage humanitaire
o Name of the bank account: CCW Sponsorship Programme
o Reference: Project 9308”.
o Bank: UBS Geneva, P.O. Box 2600, CH – 1211 Geneva 2
o Account Number: 0240-FP102368.2
o IBAN: CH 48 00 240 240 FP 102 36 82

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