Near Kisingani, DRC. Photograph provided by UNMAS.

CCW Implementation Support Unit (ISU)
United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, Geneva Branch


Role of the ISU:


  • Provide Secretariat services for all CCW meetings;
  • Facilitate communications among States Parties and international organizations;
  • Support States with the implementation of the CCW and its protocols;
  • Assist the United Nations Secretary General to discharge his responsibilities pursuant to the CCW and its protocols; and
  • Fulfill all other tasks as mandated by the States parties to the CCW and its protocols.
Members of the ISU:


  • Mr Bantan Nugroho, Head of the ISU, telephone +41 22 917 1151, E-mail:
  • Ms Hine-Wai Loose, Political Affairs Officer, telephone +41 22 917 1203, E-mail: hloose(at)

You may also contact the CCW ISU at this E-mail address: