BWC MX 2009 – Poster Session

International Cooperation, Assistance and Exchange in Surveillance, Detection and Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases – A Tularemia Wet-Lab Exercise
Swedish Defence Research Agency

The Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System
US Department of Defense

Public Health Informatics Tools for Electronic Disease Surveillance in Resource-Limited Settings
US Department of Defense

Biosecurity Engagement Program
US Department of State

Builing Capacity for Improving Plant Health in Georgia through UK Assistance and Cooperation
UK Food and Environment Research Agency

Crop Pest Outbreak: Predict, Prevent and Surveillance Capacbilities in Developing Countries
UK Food and Environment Research Agency

OIE Twinning: A Valuable Tool for Regional Development
UK Veterinary Laboratories Agency

Building a Biosecurity Education Module Resource
National Defense Medical College, Japan & University of Bradford, UK

The BWC Supporting Global Health: Reducing Biological Risk by Building Capacity in Health Security
Norwegian Delegation

Biosecurity in Indonesia
Indonesian Delegation

Capacity Building in Biosafety and Biosecurity
European Biological Safety Association

Trade Monitoring for Biotechnology Equipment
Research Group for Biological Arms Control

Disease Surveillance and Response in Kenya
Kenyan National Council for Science & Technology

The Korean Biological Safety Association
Korean Biological Safety Association

The International Council for the Life Sciences
International Council for the Life Sciences

Japan’s Support for Capacity-Building for Biological Threat Reduction
Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society, Japan

China’s Practice and Proposal for Strengthening International Cooperation in the Field of Disease Surveillance and Control
Chinese delegation

Bio-Risk Management & Enhancing National Bio-Preparedness
European Joint Action in Support of Biosecurity

Connecting Health Organizations for Regional Disease Surveillance
Global Health and Security Initiative, NTI

A Tangible Canadian contribution to Reducing the Threat of Bioterrorism
Global Partnership Program, Canada

Canada’s Global Partnership Program in the Kyrgyz Republic
Global Partnership Program, Canada

Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building: Project 2007-194 Technology Transfer FMD Preparedness in South America
Canadian delegation

Groupo Interamericano para la Erradicacion de la Fiebre Aftosa
Groupo Interamericano para la Erradicacion de la Fiebre Aftosa

Teh Global Biosecurity Law Project
Texas Tech University

National Disease Surveillance
Defence Science and Technology Organization, Pakistan

Recommendations for National and Global Biosureillance and Prevention of Biological Weapons
Center for Biosecurity, UPMC

The Distribution of Anthrax Sterne Vaccine for Veterinary Use to Control the Disease in Italy
Instituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale of Puglia and Basilicata