Online Tools maintained by the ISU

As part of its efforts to provide administrative support to States Parties, the Implementation Support Unit maintains a range of online tools:

BWC ISU Website

This website provides a range of background information on biological weapons, the Convention, the BWC’s membership, the Implementation Support Unit, the activities of States Parties, as well as relevant international instruments, organisations and initiaitves. It also has sections dedicated to information that might be of interest to States Parties, to Non-Governmental Organisations and the Media. It also has a restricted access area that contains information for the exclusive use of States Parties.
To assist in finding the information required as easily as possible, a number of shortcuts to areas of the BWC ISU website exist, including:

Biological Weapons Convention

Latest News and Information

Next / Most Recent Meeting of BWC

Seventh Review Conference

BWC Think Zone



Confidence Building Measures

BWC Implementation Support Unit

EU Joint Action in Support of the BWC

Restricted Access Area

Information on relevant scientific and technological developments

BWC Document Archive

All official resources from meetings of the BWC are maintained online in all languages in which they were produced. This includes:

  • Official documents of all meetings since 2003
  • Official Statements
  • Presentations since the Sixth Review Conference
  • Statements by NGOs
  • Press releases
  • Details of side events
  • Advance copies of documents

Earlier documentation is held by the ISU in its offices in Geneva. For additional details of what exists and what is available, contact the ISU.

Confidence-Building Measure (CBM) Information

The ISU provides summary information on CBM returns. Since 2006, it also lists publicly available CBMs on this website. Additional CBMs from 2007 onwards can also be found in the restricted access area. A number of States Parties have indicated that they do not wish to make their CBM returns available online. These have been distributed to States Parties on a data CD by the ISU. For more information of CBM returns contact the ISU.