Organization of the ODA Meetings Place

Starting from January 2020, all webpages for meetings organized or serviced by the Office for Disarmament Affairs will be accessed through the ODA Meetings Place. This website will be database driven and implemented through WordPress. The ODA Meeting Place will feature two levels:

  1. ODA Meeting Place Home

The Meetings Place Home will be the primary way of navigating the website. The default view will list current and forthcoming meetings. Meetings will be organized and filterable according to the following scheme:

Top level             >>>

This will include the following general categories for the types of bodies:  

  1. Primary organs
  2. Conferrences and working groups
  3. Treaties and other instruments
  4. Other bodies and official meetings
  5. Expert groups
  6. Workshops and other events

Body level           >>>

This level allows a user to filter the list according to the “body”, which will include individual forums, treaties, instruments or other entities.

Meeting level

 The base level of the portal will be the meetings page. An individual meetings page will be created for each session of a given entity, following ODA’s current practice. 
(For example, for a treaty, this will include e.g. each session of an annual meeting, preparatory committee and review conference.)


Primary organsTreaties and other instrumentsTreaties and other instrumentsOther bodies and official meetings 

General Assembly First CommitteeNuclear Non-Proliferation TreatyBiological Weapons ConventionAdvisory Board on Disarmament

Seventy-fourth session (2019)2020 Review Conference2020 Meeting of States PartiesSeventy-third session (2020) 

Body types and examplesDescription